For Brandy and Coffee Lovers: Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds with Emperador Coffee Brandy (+ Fun Empi Coffee Recipes You Can Try!)

Last Updated: January 31, 2023

Date Published: January 25, 2023
Love brandy AND coffee? Enjoy the best of both worlds with Emperador Coffee Brandy!
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It may seem weird to combine coffee and alcohol. After all, coffee is often associated with waking up in the morning, while alcoholic drinks are more often enjoyed later in the evening.

However, mixing coffee and alcohol is something that has actually been happening for years!

Coffee liqueurs combine the best of both worlds (and save you the cost of ordering both coffee and alcohol) – and when it comes to coffee-flavored brandy, you can’t do better than Emperador coffee brandy. 

Read on to learn more about Emperador coffee brandy – along with delicious recipes, you can try for a more enjoyable Empi coffee mix! 

What is Emperador Coffee Brandy?

Experience the best of both worlds – the smoothness of Emperador Brandy, paired with the richness and aroma of coffee!

EMPERADOR COFFEE BRANDY, a premium brandy liqueur, with a low 40-proof, or 20% ABV alcohol content, combines the distinct smoothness, and beloved, the taste of Emperador Brandy, with the blood richness of coffee’s flavor.

Feel the comfort and let the luxuriant taste of coffee and brandy fill your senses.

The new Emperador Coffee Brandy is designed to be well-balanced as is, versatile for cocktails, and is a delightful pair to both sweet and savory food.

About Emperador. Emperador is a brand of cut brandy and brandy produced by Emperador Inc., an 81% owned subsidiary of Alliance Global Group.

The shares of Emperador Inc. are traded on the Philippine Stock Exchange with the symbol “EMP”. The beverage is primarily sold in the Philippines.

Since 2006, it has been the world’s top-selling brand of brandy in terms of the quantity of brandy sold. Annual sales in 2015 amounted to 275 million liters.

However, by international standards, the Emperador Light expression (introduced in 2010) is considered a “cut brandy” rather than a true brandy, as it contains neutral spirits alcohol made from sugar cane.

Although the brand’s market was initially limited to the Philippines, it has since expanded to Thailand, China, the United States, and other countries.

Emperador Coffee FAQs

Whether it’s your first time hearing about this Empi coffee mix, or if you’d simply like to learn more about Emperador coffee, we answer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about this beloved alcohol-coffee mix. 

  • Is Emperador coffee alcoholic?

Yes, Emperador coffee brandy has a hint of alcohol. With a low 40-proof, or 20% ABV alcohol content, combines the distinct smoothness, and beloved, taste of Emperador Brandy, with the blood richness of coffee’s flavor.

  • How strong is Emperador coffee?

With 20% ABV alcohol content, Emperador coffee does have quite a high concentration of alcohol. However, the coffee aroma cuts through the slight bitterness of the brandy and it’s such a delicious combination that if you’re not careful, you’ll forget that it’s actually 20% alcohol by volume (ABV).

  • Is Emperador coffee caffeinated?

Yes. Coffee Emperador is a rich full liqueur made from carefully selected and percolated coffee beans for a deep coffee color and fresh roasted coffee flavor. Emperador coffee combines the distinct smoothness, and beloved, taste of Emperador Brandy, with the blood richness of coffee’s flavor

  • How do you drink Emperador coffee brandy?

According to reviewers, on the rocks seem to be the best, but chilled and sipped neat is actually pretty enjoyable as well. 

  • What percentage of alcohol is in Empi coffee?

Emperador coffee brandy contains 20% alcohol by volume (ABV).

  • How much alcohol is in Emperador?

Emperador has a variety of alcoholic drinks on offer, each coming with its own alcohol content. For instance, Emperador Light Brandy (750 ml) contains 27.5% alcohol by volume (ABV), while Emperador Brandy contains 36% alcohol by volume (ABV). 

  • Is coffee and brandy good?

Surprisingly, coffee and brandy do taste good together. Brandy and coffee are a match made in heaven; with their complimentary flavors and deep, rich notes, it provides a delicious coffee experience that packs a heavy punch.

Unique Emperador Coffe MixWhile you can enjoy Empe coffee on its own, you can go a step further and try some fun recipes! Apart from drinking Emperador Coffee Brandy straight, you can enjoy it in many different ways:

Emperador Coffee Brandy

Empi Coffee Mix Iced

Simply add some ice to your Empi coffee and serve it chilled!

(img source:

Emperador Coffee Brandy

Emperador Coffee Mix with Milk

Want your coffee-flavored brandy to taste milkier? Try adding some milk with it! You can add some condense milk and achieve a milky, cake-like flavor. 

(img source:

Emperador Coffee Brandy

Emperador Coffee Mix Chuckie

Want your coffee Emperador mix to taste chocolate-y? Try adding some Chuckie to your Emperador coffee brandy mix!

(img source:

Apart from enjoying Emperador Coffee Brandy straight up, you can mix it with different flavors to up your game! 

Where to Buy Coffee Emperador

You can purchase Emperador Coffee Brandy from any liquor store nationwide. You can also order it online, such as on Shopee or Lazada

Also, while Emperador’s market was initially limited to the Philippines, it has since expanded to Thailand, China, the United States, and other countries. 

Emperador Coffee Price

Prices can vary depending on where you purchase your Empe coffee from – as well as the size of the bottle you buy. Prices can range from Php 115 (500ml), Php 132 (750ml), to Php 894 (750ml, 6pack)

Emperador Coffee Brandy Reviews

Wondering what Emperador Coffee Brandy tastes like? If you’d like to get some idea before purchasing your first bottle, here are some reviews (even celebrities enjoy this drink!):

“It’s the weekend!! I finally get to try this really versatile drink from Emperador! I’ve been seeing it all over the internet and as a coffee lover, it got me really curious. There are a lot of ways you could mix this, but I prefer it over ice with milk as an Iced Latte with a kick 😉 Now I get to relax and enjoy my #SarapMakaFeelGood moment with @emperadorcoffeebrandy 😌 #EmperadorCoffeeBrandy”Khalil Ramos

“Gotta admit— face-to-face med school made me love two things: a.) coffee ☕️ for when I’m stressed and b.) alcohol 🍾 for when I want to destress. 😅 I rarely drink both of these nowadays but I just discovered this drink that can actually combine both alcohol and coffee and gurl was shookt  — Here’s to making my own @emperadorcoffeebrandy lounge at home. Swipe right to see how I enjoooooy my afterschool delight!!”Erika Rabara

“Coffee or brandy? Sa indecisive tulad ko, bakit di nalang both? ☕️🥃 Thanks to this new Emperador Coffee Brandy for making my life easier sa pag decide.”John Manalo 

“Day In, Day Out, It’s The Same Ol Thing. With the blurring lines of work and life, make sure you still set aside time for yourself.

Make the most out of the #SarapMakaFeelGood moments with @emperadorcoffeebrandy, and turn your routines into memorable moments. #EmperadorCoffeeBrandy”Inka Magnaye

“I thought the product smelled better than it tasted. My partner, however, who is a big fan of Bailey’s, promptly concocted a mix of Coffee Brandy and condensed milk served over ice and declared it delicious!”Kevan Brighting 

“SHARE KO RIN DITO REVIEW KO NG BAGONG EMPERADOR COFFEE BRANDY. Mcdo breakfast ko kanina kaya sinubukan ko yung coffee brandy pang replace sa kape. Pagbukas mo ng bote, amoy agad yung kape. Same sa kulay, kulay kape talaga.

Kaya kung mahilig ka sa kape, magugustuhan mo talaga lasa, amoy, at itsura lalo na yung occasionaly umiinom ka rin ng liquor.

Maganda sa glass na may yelo at pour ka lang, perpekto na. Para sakin, no need na ihalo sa kung ano. Yelo lang masarap na.

At kung empi drinker ka, malamang magugustuhan mo to. Nagustuhan din kasi ng mga kaibigan ko. Rating:  ibang sipa sa umaga/100.”Greg Lorenzo

“Very smooth.. would have liked to taste more of the coffee though.”Tom 

“Great Taste mixed with coffee brandy hahaha naging parang pang Starbucks pero may liquor 😂😂😂 Kape at alak person ako kaya oks lang sakin ang lasa na parang may creamer lang.

Kakaiba pero game naman ako sa mga experiment HAHAHAHAHAHA.”Danilo Manalo

“Good quality coffee “liquer” thats a good mix for your afternoon cup of joe. Will have to test while in a cold climate.”Jolers 

The Bottom Line

Emperador Coffee Brandy is by no means like Irish Coffee, as it doesn’t have enough bitterness to cut through the distinctness of brewed coffee.

But, what it does add is just enough booziness to turn your morning drink into a nighttime pick-me-up. Emperador Coffee is a game-changer for those who like to mix their drinks! 

All in all, it’s an interesting drink. We would definitely recommend it to those who are looking for something new. If you like brandy AND coffee, then you’re definitely gonna love this one.

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